28mm Roman Cavalry and Baggage

Now I reached the next step to create a large 28mm Early Imperial Roman Army and finished my Roman Cavalry. 

Miniatures are from Warlord Games, Wargames factory, Old Glory and and some Republican Roman Miniatures from an unknown Producer.

This was the right time to change my painting technique and no longer use the Army painter Quickshade.

It contains ingredients, that can cause cancer – so for me it`s not a good idea to use this product it my appartment.

For an similar effekt I`ve tried the Citadel Wash Devlan Mud and it`s OK – not so strong like the quickshade but acceptable.

Left you see an Horse with Devlanf Mud / Right you see the same Horse with Quickshade. 

The legionaries for the baggage elements are also ready painted :

Next painting steps will be the packmules, another general element and artillery mounted on an cart and to base all the elements…

Über Rahgoul

Spieler und Miniaturenmaler aus Ulm mit einem großen Spaß an historischen Simulationen
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