Monatsarchive: Januar 2012

The watcher in the water: Tentacles

This is one of my main goals for 2012: I want to play all szenarios from the Lord of the Ring Games Workshop Hobby Book “The Fellowship of the Ring” . This means that I have now a reason to paint a … Weiterlesen

Veröffentlicht unter 28mm, from the workbench / von der Werkbank, Lord of the Rings / Herr der Ringe, work in progress | 3 Kommentare

Noch Water Effect

Last week I`ve purchased a bottle of Noch Water Effect. I´m not really satisfied with the look of my water. It looks OK – but not stunning. To test it, I´ve picked up some of my first 15mm celtic boats and … Weiterlesen

Veröffentlicht unter 15mm, from the workbench / von der Werkbank, work in progress | Kommentare deaktiviert