Monatsarchive: September 2011

Dagor Ìdn Talath – Battle of the Silent Valley

Long Time ago… an epic Lord of the Ring battle raged in the Silent valley ( Ruhetal Ulm ) during the Attriticon:  I`ve promised to write down the Tournament results, but sorry guys – it took me a really long Time … Weiterlesen

Veröffentlicht unter 28mm, Games Workshop, Lord of the Rings / Herr der Ringe, Tournament | Kommentare deaktiviert

Mules and Roman Carts

I allways thought that painting horses is very hard - but for me painting mules is even more exhausting. One mule on a base looks a little bit lonely – two would look much better, but I need the space to create … Weiterlesen

Veröffentlicht unter 28mm, Early Imperial Roman, from the workbench / von der Werkbank, work in progress | 1 Kommentar